Kamchatka Peninsula

21 Jan: Kamchatka Adventures

We offer you to immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of wild Kamchatka. You will fly by helicopter, see live bears, climb and walk around the crater of the volcano, see geysers, drive off-road vehicles to get through snow, lava and volcanic sands.


27 Nov: Moscow&Golden Ring

If you a lover of history, culture and nature and want to learn Russia deeper, visit Moscow&Golden Ring. Enjoy ancient architecture, fortresses, churches, traditional food and amazing landscapes straight from Russian fairytales.


25 Nov: Moscow&Saint-Petersburg

Do you want to visit all major and intresting sights of Russia? Visit two capitals: Moscow and St.Petersburg. We have done our best to combine the best excursions, active recreation, cultural events, and night entertainments in this tour!


25 Nov: Men’s tour

This tour is not about sightseeing and history. This tour is for real men who are used to choose the most luxurious, inaccessible to most and enjoyable entertainment. This tour is perfect for a bachelor party and adventure lovers.


07 Nov: Program “X”

Exclusive program for exclusive guests. You should consider it only if you have real the spirit of adventurism and desire for new. Experience the most luxurious, enjoyable, inaccessible to most entertainment that Russia has to offer.

Winter paysage

06 Nov: Winter Russia

Would you like to experience true Russian winter? Believe us, it’s a real fairy-tale! Admire decorated Moscow, visit cities of Golden Ring, relax in country 5* hotel, try snowmobiling and dog-sledding in a forest and more.

The Kremlin

24 Oct: Classic Moscow

Visit all the important sights of Moscow, watch the ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre, dine in the best restaurants in the city and relax in the most prestigious nightclubs. Travel with the highest level of service.

Fighter Jet L-Aviation & Moscow

24 Oct: Aviation & Moscow

The sightseeing tour is not enough for you? Get a truly unique experience – fly a fighter jet and perform aerobatics. Believe us, you will remember it for a lifetime! And after we will show you Moscow.